Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy 6 years!

We've gone from this
 to this
in six amazingly wonderful years!

We are still so happy and love each other not only more but more deeply!

We celebrated our 6 year anniversary on June 30th.  We went on a great date mini golfing, bumper boats, go carts, batting cages and blizzards at DQ.  All on the motorcycle - it was a lot of fun!

Luke dancing

Luke had a tattoo of a guitar on his tummy and he would pretend to play it and dance around.  It was so adorable!  This video I try to get him to do it and he didn't really but he dances a little and is just so cute!

Summer fun and cuteness

Boys watching tv in the big box the grill came in.

 Levi, Ty, and Peyton on towels taking a break from the slip-n-slide
 Stephen with the boys riding the wiggle car thingys at Grandma and Grandpa Halvorson's
 Luke and Lael ready for some water fun!
 Luke as Captain America
 We babysat a friend's guinea pig for a week.  The boys LOVED it!  (so much it was annoying)
 Luke at the dinosaur park
 Peyton riding a dino
 Luke with a stuffed animal kitty wrapped up in his blankie.  Both boys were so sweet with their stuffed kitties in blankets, giving them kisses!
Peyton under his bed fort.
Peyton on the slip-n-slide
I just thought this was a cool shot of Levi

Crafty (sorta)

I have tried doing a few crafty things lately and for the most part enjoy it.  I don't have pictures of the blackout curtains I made for the boys' room.  I thought I would make them because I thought I would be able to maybe save a little money but mostly make them cuter and to fit the decor in their room - I was way wrong!  They were really hard to do, weren't cheaper, and are pretty ugly but they work well enough for now.  Just not good enough to take a picture of them.  They still are cute in my head if I could have executed the plan much better!!
These are shirts I made with/for the boys.  You put cut-outs of letters/shapes or use stickers and then spray a dark colored shirt with bleach and then take the stencils off and they turn out like these!  It was fun and easy and pretty cute way to personalize a shirt.  (I don't know why the picture is upside down)

 I made these blocks and LOVE them!  On the back spells out 'spring'.  They were probably my most favorite to do but it took a while.  Going to make some for every holiday/season!!
This isn't crafty but we finally got a grill for Father's Day/our Anniversary.  We put it together as a family which was fun.  We LOVE it!!  Especially Stephen!  It's so funny to me that men like to grill so much!

No training wheels!

We took the training wheels off Peyton's bike and he did fantastic!!  We think having his scooter helped him figure it out a little quicker because he already learned how to balance on the scooter.  We've decided he needs a bigger bike plus Luke is about ready to learn how to ride this one with the training wheels on.  We are so proud of Peyton!!
I am totally going to be one of those moms that bawl when their child goes to kindergarten.  I teared up when he first when to Primary at Church and today I teared up when he first rode without the training wheels.  I just can't believe how big he is getting and how fast time has gone!

Levi's Baptism

Levi (my nephew) was baptized back in March.  It was really neat to watch him be baptized and make that choice himself.  I loved having my boys be there to watch especially since my boys have gotten to know Levi a lot better now that we live close to them.  Here's a few pictures.

 The Washington cousins - of course we couldn't get a normal picture of all of them =)
Janae and her cute family!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

More Pictures!

I've been trying to organize my pictures.  Taking them from off my phone and iPod and putting them on the computer and I keep finding ones that people might enjoy.  So here's a few more.

 Luke with the Hulk hand!
 Luke inside a tire while waiting for the oil change.
 Nothing like cousin baths!  This was the last co-ed bath... we've decided that Lael and Peyton are getting too old to bathe together.
 Peyton being so sweet and giving loves to the cat.
 The three boys going to great grandma Iverson's house.
 Grandpa Iverson helping Luke find eggs
 Peyton finding eggs.  We did a Easter egg hunt at my grandma Iverson's house this year.  Growing up we did them every year there and it is such a fond memory and so it was such a special thing for me to be able to do it with my kids!

 Peyton with his mini Louisville Slugger bat Grandpa and Gramma Iverson got him.
 Luke learning learning to be a Harley boy already!
At my grandma Iverson's house, my dad and brother-in-law Nathan got my grandpa's 1969 John Deere up and running and then they took everyone out on it.  My dad showed us how it can do pretty awesome donuts!!  I drove it too and it was a lot of fun!  It was a great and special moment to see my dad driving my grandpa's tractor and riding with his daughters and grandkids!